More Ace Combat Assualt Horizon Tips

Ok kiddy's you wanna be the best ace out there, take it from me (ranked 371 in the world) you need to be pursuant. keep at it. play as much online and champagne as possible. the more you get used to the sky the more bearable high pressure combat will be.

-find the right skill for you, there are many skills that can make or break that K/D ratio your looking for.
you may like to use the gun, Skill MG cool down may be right for you. or perhaps your a old school missile man, Skill homing missiles is what you need. Also REMEMBER, the first skill set you select in your Skill set will apply for your whole team, so think about what skill will benefit you and your team.

-DONT PANIC!!!! your now on the receiving end of some dude and he has you locked DONT PANIC!!!
remember to maneuver as much as you can, keep moving as much as you can. left, right, up, to down.
just dont stop. if you feel safe in preforming a counter maneuver, go for it. just remember, the better players online are very skilled at gunning people down while they preform a counter maneuver so be careful.

-Adapt to the game style, if your playing TD dont break out your A-10 with the skill set for ASM. this is just stupid. but on the other hand, dont be afraid to assume the role of support for other game modes.
if your playing Capital Conquest its alright to only attack the Ground Targets, this is an amazing way to rack up points. at the same time its alright to only attack Air Targets you keep the skys clear so that your buddy's can attack the base.

-Dont be the loner, dont be the one guy who is just attacking random Targets, use team work. find a buddy and make a plain. Even if you joined a game alone, find a random player and help him out.
no shame is being support.

-NO, HE IS NOT A HACKER!!!. ive noticed throughout my time in multiplayer that some player may have the ability to enter DFM while in front of you, this is just a lag issue. (I know this because some friends and I have tested this extensively). this is also the issue when other player counter your DFM almost instantly.

Watch how others fly, i cant tell you how much ive learned just from being killed. study the players flight style. and then of course, try what you learn. it also helped to get alittle creative in your flying too.

Thanks, any questions or comment my gamertag is listed below

- Devildog Cipher
Posted on Feb 4, 2012 at 5:41 PM
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